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Will You Change Snacking Habits on Your Children ?

Admit it: The children would really like the food that tasted with sugar, salt, and fat. And, of course some chips, cookies, or a bowl of ice cream once in awhile is fine. But, at the time of the pediatrician and nutrition experts continue to search for the cause of increased childhood obesity problem in children, they continue to notice the type of food that our children eat in between meals. And the experts were alarmed by what they see.

"The epidemic of obesity of children is obviously related to the excess calories children consumed each day while snacking," said Barry Popkin, Ph.D., professor of nutrition at the University of North Carolina School of Public Health. Even worse, according to experts, this trend occurs in all ages-from toddlers to teens.

The problem is, kids today do not just snacking more often, but the portions are also much larger and more fattening. As an example the generally toddler snack: A small box-shaped animal crackers and juice boxes containing 200 ml of 350 calories-about one-third the calories needed by the two years old kid in one day. This figure continues to grow. At the average, American children aged two years has consumed about 1250 calories per day. In fact, he only needs 1,000 calories / day. In Indonesia, this phenomenon also needed to watch out. You should see how supermarkets sell so many kinds of snacks for children.

A generation earlier, said Popkin, a child gets less than 20 percent of daily calories from snacks. Now, had reached about 25 percent - and is still rising.

When toddlers and preschoolers are snacking too often, and eating the wrong foods-they are actually already on the verge of a lifelong struggle against weight problems and health conditions. "The root problem of obesity in childhood occurs between the ages of one to five years," explains William Klish, MD, pediatric gastroenterologist at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston.

Of course, naturally, a little chubby babies has alias of chubby . However, once I started learning to walk, by about the first birthday, the child gradually will lose body fat and increase the body's soft tissue (mostly muscle anyway) until several years later. If the process does not happen, be prepared to face a very serious problem. If the preschool is left of obesity, it will produce too much body fat, while the soft tissue mass is not formed as much as needed.

Without an adequate soft tissue mass, her metabolism will be substandard. As a result, the body will not be able to burn enough calories, and fat. This, in turn, are physiologically will make it even easier to add weight. The result? "While in elementary school, he would collect body fat faster than other kids," said Dr. Klish. "If we let the toddler and preschool to be obese, this means that we allow it to be overweight in elementary school and beyond."

Due to this fact: Children who are overweight tend to grow into adults who are overweight as well.

Many parents are realizing that his son should have more nutritious snack foods. It's just, we are so busy with our lives, and I do not know how, or where, he began.

Charlotte Bush, mother Fiona, 16 months, from Williamsburg, Virginia, saw many children busy munching french fries and drinking soda at the playground while snacking hour arrived. "I have heard many mothers say, 'I give him another drink than soda. And I thought, 'Why did you used to give us her soda?' "Tamara Zappa also confused with other maternal food choices, including her own husband:" He has introduced potato chips to the two years son, Henry, "Mom said from Phoenix. "But, I think he's too young anyway."

The problem is, once the habit of snacking on unhealthy foods began to sink in, will hardly be changed. "We know that the diet of children, tastes and appetites are beginning to form in the first two years of age," explains Margaret Bentley Ph.D., professor of nutrition at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.
And snacking habits is likely to continue, he said. Klish. "Once the kids restless, bored, or tired, her hands immediately reached into his snack," he explained. And many parents who give up, understand, usually they were more concerned that children like to sit too long in the car or while shopping at the supermarket. Nutritional considerations became unthinkable.

Habits of children snacking in between meals is not always bad. In previous generations, when mama wants to give his son a snack, usually he had already been set up something, put peanut butter on bread or banana peel. And snacks are provided for something special, usually at the dinner table. Not like now. "I can not leave home without bringing a multitude of snacks. As a precaution, "said Megan Gorman, mom of two girls, ages three and four years, in Melrose Park, Pennsylvania. "I carry in my bag, in the car, just wherever I go. Like most mama, I conditioned the children to ask when they're hungry. "

And correct. That's what they asked for.

Do children really need a snack between meals? Of course. Snacks important for children, experts say, because a small stomach. And because children can not eat a lot at once, he needs to snack more often. But whatever the snack of the day, we should only provide 20 percent of total calories.

Nutrition experts recommend, may toddler snack three times a day; preschoolers and school age until the age of eight, two times; children aged nine years and more, one time. But more important than how many kids snacks in between meals is what is chewed.

The first step, according to experts: Stop thinking of snacks as something to be packed. That's because, in most cases, so it definitely packs a snack sweet or salty-in other words, calorie dense. It should be called a special bonus treat alias.

And a special bonus should be something that only happens once in a while-only - ice cream after winning a football game Saturday afternoon or some cookies during a visit to grandma's house on weekends. Clearly, the treat is not something you expect every child home from school. Zappa said about her son, Henry: "His grandfather let him drink a soda," he said. "He should not drink soda at a restaurant on special occasions." But, not every day right?

Should children take vitamins?

It could be yes, or not. Most of the children with the age more than a year eating quite varied foods, including meats but do not need vitamins. Children which are smaller than the pre-school even need a prescription to take vitamin supplements. Even so, the child will not always obey everytime they told to take the vitamins or any kind of some additional form from dietary supplements.

If your baby has been picky, such as food that she likes only, and not many other foods, giving a multivitamin with iron is a brilliant idea. Children which are vegetarians usually lack of iron, B vitamins and zinc. So, they are also need to receive a multivitamin with iron.

When you give your child vitamins, read the description on the packaging. Generally, the content of vitamins for children arranged according to age. Usually not for children under the age of 2 years. The dose also varied according to the brand of choice. Doses can be only half a tablet for a particular brand, and one tablet to another brand.

Liquid vitamins are usually available for children under 2 years. Find multivitamin with calcium, because many children today are not fulfilled the needs of minerals in their foods. Make it a good habit to always read the label because the amount of the vitamins and minerals can vary from one brand to another brand.

Infants and toddlers are quite a lot for nursing matters (this means most of the milk you drink is milk), and older children who drank milk less than 475 cc per day should take vitamin D. Some children may also need fluoride above the age of 6 months, depending on the consumption of drink. Consult your doctor for advice about the most appropriate child's diet.

Small note about vitamins that must be observed: There are several vitamins that tastes as sweet as candy. Keep vitamins such as these from the reach of children. Eat them in excessive amounts can be dangerous!

Monday, October 3, 2011

put your head on my shoulder

that picture had not yet gone,
from my mind,
when I'm holding your head,
and whispered,
'aku sayang banget sama kamu'
put your restlessness on my shoulder,
I'll carry your hurts forever...

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light chat : takoyaki @Lampung :P

old girl : so what's the route now ?

man : 'at Lampung at my uncle's place and garden...'

old girl : nice... what fruits does he have ?

man : 'fruitsingkong, fruitsawit, fruittako...'

old girl : owh... I didn't know they have takoyaki @Lampung, I thought it only exist in Japan...

man : smartass -.-'


Join Snøhetta at its office for drinks, informal conversation, and a behind the scenes look at recent and upcoming projects. This program is part of First Friday, a monthly opportunity for League members to visit the offices of leading design practices to see work on the boards and learn more about the offices’ organization and design processes. These informal social gatherings feature happy hour drinks arranged by the host office.

Snøhetta formed as a collaborative in 1989 in Los Angeles when its members designed the competition winning entry for the Alexandria Library in Egypt (winner of the 2004 Aga Khan Award for Architecture). Since that time Snøhetta formed an office in Oslo, Norway and in 2004 its two founding members formed an office in New York City after winning the commission to design the new Museum at the World Trade Center site.

The collaborative and multi-national character of the office has allowed it to work in a wide range of cultural contexts from Asia to Africa, Europe and the Americas. Recently having completed the new National Opera in Oslo (winner of the 2009 Mies van der Rohe Award), Snøhetta has gained a number of other prominent cultural buildings including the new King Abdulaziz Center for Knowledge and Culture in Saudi Arabia, the new James B. Hunt Jr. Library in Raleigh, the expansion of the SFMOMA in San Francisco, and the Redesign of Times Square in New York City.

This program is free and open to League members. Members may bring one guest whom they would like to introduce to League programs. RSVP required to

Jeanne Gang

Franzen Lecture on Architecture and the Environment
Jeanne Gang, Studio Gang Architects
The 4th Franzen Lecture on Architecture and the Environment, an annual invited lecture by an international figure whose work has significant implications for understanding and re-conceiving the relationship between architecture and the environment, will be delivered by Jeanne Gang of Studio Gang Architects.

Jeanne Gang is the founder and principal of Studio Gang Architects, a rising international practice based in Chicago since 1997. Recent projects include the highly acclaimed Aqua Tower, which was named the Emporis Skyscraper of the Year in 2009; the Northerly Island framework plan; the Nature Boardwalk at Lincoln Park Zoo; and Columbia College Chicago’s Media Production Center. Gang was just named a 2011 MacArthur Fellow (the so-called “Genius Award”) for “challenging the aesthetic and technical possibilities of the art form in a wide range of structures.”

Studio Gang conceives of itself as a collective space for architects, designers, and thinkers, which “acts as a lab for testing ideas on varying scales: from cities to environments to individual buildings’ unique material properties.”

The firm’s work has been published and exhibited both nationally and internationally, most notably at the International Venice Biennale, the Smithsonian Institution’s National Building Museum, and the Art Institute of Chicago.

Tickets are required for admission to League programs. Tickets are free for League members; $15 for non-members. Members may reserve a ticket by e-mailing: Member tickets will be held at the check-in desk; unclaimed tickets will be released fifteen minutes after the start of the program. Non-members may purchase tickets here from October 5 until 3:00 p.m. the day of the program.

Co-sponsored by The Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture of The Cooper Union. AIA and New York State continuing education credits are available.

The annual Franzen Lecture on Architecture and the Environment was created in honor of long-time League trustee Ulrich Franzen. The Franzen Lecture on Archiecture and the Environment is made possible by contributions from the Riggio Foundation, Juliana Terian Gilbert, and Elise Jaffe + Jeffrey Brown.

League programs are made possible, in part, by public funds from the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York State Council on the Arts, a State Agency; and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the City Council.

Michael Maltzan

Current Work
Michael Maltzan, Michael Maltzan Architecture
“No More Play”
Michael Maltzan, principal of Los Angeles-based Michael Maltzan Architecture, will present his firm’s work. Since founding his firm in 1995, Maltzan has created a practice committed to “creating architecture that is a catalyst for new experiences and an agent for change in our cities.”

Recent projects include Inner-City Arts – Phase 3, New Carver Apartments, Rainbow Apartments, and Playa Vista Park, all in Los Angeles. The firm’s current work includes the Star Apartments and One Santa Fe in Los Angeles; Ju Gong Bridge and Waterfront Park, and Zhe Zhi Bridge both in Chengdu, China; and the recent competition winning entry for the Mashouf Performing Arts Center at San Francisco State University.

Maltzan’s complex for the Inner-City Arts campus located in the heart of the Los Angeles Skid Row serves at-risk youth from area public schools, providing a range of art facilities and services. The project was featured in the 2010 MoMA exhibition “Small Scale: Big Change.” Maltzan’s New Carver Apartments, which provides permanent supportive housing units for formerly homeless residents was awarded the 2011 AIA/HUD Secretary’s Award for Excellence in Affordable Housing Design. Additionally, his work has garnered numerous Progressive Architecture awards, citations from the American Institute of Architects, and the Rudy Bruner Foundation’s Gold Medal for Urban Excellence.

Vishaan Chakrabarti is the Director of the Real Estate Development Program and The Marc Holliday Professor of Real Estate Development at the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation and serves on the Architectural League’s Board of Directors.

Tickets are required for admission to League programs. Tickets are free for League members; $15 for non-members. Members may reserve a ticket by e-mailing: Member tickets will be held at the check-in desk; unclaimed tickets will be released fifteen minutes after the start of the program. Non-members may purchase tickets here.

Co-sponsored by The Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture of The Cooper Union. AIA and New York State continuing education credits are available.

This program is made possible, in part, by the New York State Council on the Arts, a State Agency, and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the City Council.

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Hit The Road

'will you pray for me ?..'

of course my dear, since long time ago, eventhough I had to leave to make you realize where you should belong, I actually never stop thinking about you, never stop pray for you. So I said, just like since long time ago and forever, you're always in my prays. Hit the night road and be safe to the place where you should belong, just remember you have another home with me...


and yes... I was jealous,
they got wet outside because of the pouring rain,
disturbing their date,
I just said, I still won ahead from you, dear sister,
I have what you don't have, and it keeps me going till now,
I was gone with the big hole in my heart,
and the hurt of everyday living thinking about the man I can't have,
but this was need to be done,
for the sake of a man worth fighting for...


Irish Architecture Now

morning breeze, a bit hungry not really, just like yesterday I barely eat small portion of instant noodles once in a day, well I'm in love just like I used too, see how much of weight I will lose this time just like when it happened in 2004 just scanning my e-mail and I found this...

Architects of Ireland's leading contemporary three practices will present their work and discuss issues about the architecture of Ireland as part of Architecture Ireland Now - featuring the first ever Irish architecture in the U.S., which is part of Imagine Ireland, Irish culture in Irish art in the United in 2011.

Merritt Bucholz and Karen McEvoy of Bucholz McEvoy Architects; Niall McCullough of McCullough Mulvin Architects, and Shih-Fu Peng architects Heneghan lawyers, three of the six companies on a U.S. tour this fall. The architects will discuss their practices and the latest work in a symposium to be held at The Cooper Union presented by the Architectural League.

The presenters:

click for more pictures slideshow
Merritt Bucholz and Karen McEvoy Architects Bucholz McEvoy in projects such as the County Halls to Fingal County Council Dublin, Limerick and Westmeath, Ireland, trying to bring "ecological intelligence" to civilian life of Ireland. Bucholz McEvoy presented their Limerick County Council HQ at the Venice Biennale in 2002. Bucholz has taught at schools of architecture in America and Ireland, where he currently serves as Professor of Architecture at the University of Limerick. McEvoy, also teaches in the U.S. and abroad, he served as a visiting professor at Harvard University, and has taught at architecture in DIT Bolton Street School of Architecture and University College Dublin.

click for more pictures slideshow
Niall McCullough is a co-founder, with Valerie Mulvin, of McCullough Mulvin Architects, architecture and urban design practice. Their projects include Ussher Library, the Long Room Hub, and the Dublin Dental Hospital in Trinity College, Dublin. Cultural and civic buildings, including Waterford City and Library Source Arts Centre in Thurles. Working McCullough Mulvin Architects' has been exhibited widely in Germany, Britain, Spain, Portugal, and Italy. Among many other awards, the company's work was nominated for the Mies Van Der Rohe Award last year.

click for more pictures slideshow
Shih-Fu Peng will be speaking on behalf of architects Heneghan lawyer. The company was founded in Dublin in 2000, and has subsequently participated in international competitions, including those for the Grand Museum of Egypt, the largest in the world, the company won in 2003. Heneghan lawyer architects have won a competition for additional Mittelrhein Bridge in Germany and the School of Architecture at Greenwich, England.

Raymund Ryan, who has curated the tour, is the curator of the Heinz Architectural Center at Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh. Ryan has been and continues to contribute to Blueprint (London), The Architectural Review (London), Architecture Ireland (Dublin) and Plan (Bologna). He served as Commissioner for Ireland's participation at the Venice Biennale of Architecture in 2000 and 2002.

Kazys Varnelis has been Director of Network Architecture Lab at the Graduate School of Architecture, Art and Planning, Columbia University since 2006. He also became a Senior Lecturer in the History of Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Limerick since 2005.

Tickets are required for entry into the League program. Free tickets for the League members, $ 15 for non-members. Members can reserve tickets by email: Member tickets will be held at check-in desk, a ticket is claimed to be released fifteen minutes after the start of the program. Non-members can purchase tickets here.

Architecture Now Ireland is part of Imagine Ireland, Irish culture in Irish art in America in 2011, and curated by Raymund Ryan, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, which is produced by the Architecture Foundation of Ireland, Dublin and funded by Culture Ireland. Visit and for more information. A list of other locations and architects in Ireland Architecture Now tour can be found at the Irish Architecture Foundation website.

All League program is made possible, in part, by public funds from the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York State Council on the Arts, State Board; and New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the City Council.

Monday, September 26, 2011

A call for pray

'vie,...vie,..vie..', a comforting voice is calling me, like deja vu, I know because I remember he used to call me that when I fallen asleep at his tiny room. I still remember the sunlight that forced to get in into that tiny room. The kind of the light that forced itself to light the darkness in one man's heart. Eventhough it's tiny, I don't know how it become big and turn a one man's life into a much better and greater one in only 4 years. Maybe it's the light of movement like I always said, move! act! anything if you get stucked, don't just stay there. there's no use, the answer won't come when it's not yet the time to come. again... it's futile eventhough you're seeking the whole time to the end of the world, it's not something that you'll always get just like picking your nose. make a move! anything! there the universe will giving you the answer of your restlessness...

I can't get up because it's just me when I asleep, my body's too weak and I can't open my eyes or I just don't want. and then I feel the tip of sponge cake is like touching my lips, soft, tender, a bit wet.. wait, wet ?! no cake is wet unless it's pudding. even the more stranger thing is happening, that wet cake is twisting my lower lips, now more like two pair of slices of pudding forming the pukis cake but with wet sensation. Hmm.. what are these ?.. it taste sweet but not like sugar, warm and cold at the same time. Cold from the wet, and warm from the solid thing. I keep questioning but I can't move my body nor opening my eyes. But I still feel safe I don't know why. I'm not me at this moment. I used to get up quickly even when the people is just passing in front of my door. I have the sense of security guard so sorry. What is happening why I feel safe ?!

More to it, now I feel another texture, more thick with small dots, and more wet like licking my lower lips. I can't breath because of them, so I open my mouth to breath... there I can breath now... thank God, hey... why is that thick thing with texture of small dots is entering my mouth, now taking my tongue. well I'm a french kisser so I just press gently on that (must be tongue) ok I need to see this, what is these thing. Why am I (like) being kissed. Who dare to kiss me while I'm asleep (but strangely I feel safe and I like even love this one) So I open my eyes to see who's this guy (if not a girl)...

there I see a pair of a little bit open eyes. the eyes very closed with the eyebrows... nice.. eyes of my type. very close to the eyebrows, manly and aware. smart with that firm eyebrows. between them it lead to big nose.... wow.. like I seeing Jacob's eyes from the twilight movie... wait... JACOB ?! mekra ?! so I open wide my eyes and I see his bunny eyes shut, a little bit opened. enjoying what the wet lower part of his face is doing.his full lips and a bit tongue. (now I know why I feel safe that I sense his comforting aura) ok, I love this but I also surprised so I get up suddenly, and there I am in my room alone...

lol, stupid me, how should I put this, surprised, a bit angry, happy, confuse, and many emotions that I can't say, I would say speechless and I feel so fool still while touching my lips with my right hand... lol, felt so real, so I just laugh... how fool I am... I look at my wristwatch (which I still wear, because I was so exhausted last night talking with desi and mekra until the late of night along with the emotion burden how should I tell desi to take care of her ownself not going out at night)

owh it's ten to 5 am... just look at the bright side (mine and sheldon's-from the big bang theory- magic words when we're see ironic thing happens, the thing that 'half-full glass' person will do)... it's a call for pray...

I turn on my cell and not long ago certain sms came, it's desi... 'I'm home' she said at 11pm... thank God. sleep always the better medicine for any restlessness.. well then I can add sujud sukur to that then... so I get up, walking to the door and answer to... a call for pray...

references on mekra:

Friday, September 23, 2011

Describing the Japanese Architecture Idea

Sitting here instead of sitting at class because my inability to live healthy, darn this stomach so I think I need to use these couple of hours to feed on my brain regarding my final project to get architecture degree. This old, well since my goals for the precious persons already achieved, now they said I need to do something for my ownsake. I have nothing just a degree to finish, so here I am, wondering and searching if I still have the luck to finish my architectural degree. And here they said it's quite hard since architecture is in technical major. To be honest I can't live or have the spirit to find a job with only 2.79 from 4.00 GPA. okay now I'm stuck, so here's the things that might useful for you...

published on june 2011, I'm still searching the ideas for my final project, and here I am stuck thinking about the water garden I need to design on the governmental office of my final project (yeah It's boring, but what can I say, it's the only choice and real project being built). woops.. I'm blabbering again. Okay here's the real thing...

Today, the contemporary Japanese style = "color: black;"> architecture provides the quality and diversity that offers considerable interest. Although this architecture is of a very advanced society in the capitalist economy and globalization, it makes its own peculiarities that make it stand out from other contemporary creations of Western architecture.

Such specificity can only be a manifestation of the aesthetic and a study, spiritual intellectual and artistic context that comes from Japan and tradition.As often happens, the architecture of Japan take a leaf out of the former model.

First of all, it is to know that contemporary Japanese architecture, combining tradition and modernity, very dynamic. All materials used in engineering skills, not just wood and bamboo but also of concrete, steel and glass. It respects the basic elements such as air, light and water. Indeed, Japanese architecture is based on the concepts of space, shadow and light. In Japanese eyes, the shadows create a space, the vision is really against the idea of ​​Western living. Furthermore, traditional Japanese architecture with the natural assimilation of the building, the environment and its changes. Thus, most importance is given to the architecture and gardens.

In the early 20th century, the Japanese architect, whose numbers increased, gain awareness of their own abilities, they've got a mastery of architecture and Western techniques. In addition, they began to study with many artistic interests of the actual values ​​of architecture Wester while they seriously reconsider their traditional national architecture.

As so often in Japanese culture and society, the advent of modern technology gave fresh impetus to the architecture of the archipelago. The new structure made of concrete and steel was set in stark contrast with the traditional architectural model. Japan plays a dynamic role in the conception of modern skyscrapers, thanks to his knowledge of the cantilever principle that allows it to support heavy loads such as heavy temple roof '.

In addition, the need to rebuild Japan after World War II greatly stimulated the Japanese architecture, thus making Japan one of contemporary architecture's most impressive about the technology and formal design. The modern architecture perfectly calm answer exhausted by the war Japan, the cube-shaped building was built without a soul.


On arrival of the second generation of post-war architect Kenzo Tange came, Seike and Kikutake which forced the original development of modern architecture. With the architects, the function stops to become causal element to be just a simple one. This is in accordance with the aspirations of humanism, more and luxury. Urban redevelopment, it becomes necessary because of the devastation left by the war, put at stake some majors such as architect Kenzo Tange who use the cantilever principle in a pillar and beam system inherited by the former palace.

Japanese architects are recognized as not only a skilled practitioner of modernism but also as an enhancer of postmodernism with the innovations in space perception, sensitivity to the exterior environment, the general use of non-industrial materials and develop ecological awareness and topographical problems.

Kenzo Tange's style is based on a neat building, he was the advocate of the construction made of concrete. Concrete, it is inevitable modern materials from Japan, where the frequency of earthquakes' makes use of steel and glass is difficult. He won the contest for the Hiroshima Peace Park and museum Menmorial atomic bomb in 1949 which was built in downtown Hiroshima.

As far as the Fumihiko Maki is concerned, he gave new ideas urbanism based on the principle of "cocoon" of space inside, spatial concepts tailored to the needs of urban Japan. He recommends also the use of open space, so in accordance with Japanese aesthetics unherited of Buddhist ideas.

In addition, some experimental avant-garde group considered, during the 80s, the geometric shapes of modernism by introducing metaphysical concepts effects.By surprising result contrasts with the innovations and their modernism rigidly, and experimental poetic minimalism of Ando Tadao embodied postmodernism: more balanced and humane approach to architecture.


The story of contemporary Japanese architecture is one of the gradual release of the international style, with its white form, rectangular, and abstract, her stage, flat roofs and reconversion into the way-back singularization.

This process requires a mastery of the language of modern architecture and engineering, and then use all the assets to achieve recovery and reinterpretation of traditional Japan.

The diversity and the impact that Japanese architecture today at the international level is nothing but the result of several approaches that some architects, ranging from the modernist concept mastery, has tapped into their spiritual traditions and their cultural specificity, and they have turned them into out-source the creation of endless.

If you need to have some references, try this :
1. Building by Fumihiko Maki
- House N by Sou Fujimoto Architects
2. Sports complex for the Olympic games in Tokyo by Kenzo Tange
- TOD Omotesando in Tokyo by Toyo Ito
- Sanctuary at Itsukushima
3. Kanagawa Institute of Technology by Junya Ishigami & Associates
4. Museum in the Union by Tadao Ando.
5. Menmorial Hiroshima Peace Park
6. Tokyo Marine and Fire Insurance Building in Tokyo by Kunio Maekawa

and the sources will be :

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Relaxation Tends to Waste the Times

Researchers at Columbia University Business School, led by psychologist Michel Tuan, recently managed to find why people tend to spend more money when they're relaxed. The findings provide some insight into why a new generation of casinos so different from the older.

The changes seen in Las Vegas on top of all other places. Instead of a low ceiling, hidden from sight lines, no clock and the claustrophobia-inducing setup, new construction was built so that gamblers can relax in it. For the record, both make more money.

For years, casino owners have struggled to build the floor of their money-making enterprise in accordance with appropriate specifications, intended to confuse, disorient them, and make them nervous. The thinking is that these measures will increase revenue by keeping more people playing.

The latest generation of casino is built with high ceilings and simple layout that clearly shows where the exit. Marble, a bouquet of flowers and soothing music takes the place of the mechanical voice chat busy and older casinos.

The reason why this change occurs is that people tend to spend more when they feel comfortable in the environment, relaxing fun. In addition, psychologists say that this setup encourages players to take irrational risks in games of chance, wire reports.

Tim Pham who gives an explanation why this is happening in a paper published in a recent issue of the Journal of Marketing Research. Even when accounting for the emotional state, relaxed people tend to spend more money in a more reckless than their counterparts who are stressed or uncomfortable.

This study also shows that this is why the luxury retail stores to support an open design, with soothing music, a big empty space filled with comfortable chairs and so on. All these factors contribute to make the customer feel comfortable, even if the stores spend a lot of money to rent the space they are not fully used.

From this perspective, the purpose of store owners who cradles as many people as possible to spend as much as possible in their stores. If they would create a labyrinth design, covering the products after various corners and niches, they will not really succeed in selling too much.

With more choice, guys are more alike - but not that closer

People prefer to make friends with others who share their beliefs, values, and interests. People have more choices, their friends are more the same, according to research published in Group Processes and Intergroup Relations (published by SAGE).

People are not looking for identical twins, but they find common ground because it makes for a smoother, more pleasant interaction. When people have choices, and most Americans, they find friendships and romantic relationships with people who share their attitudes, religious beliefs, and politics. But what happens when they have less choice? Are people being forced to "make do" with less than perfect matches, and their friendship is satisfactory?

Angela Bahns from Wellesley College and Chris Crandall and Kate Pickett of the University of Kansas compared to universities in the Midwest with a small enrollment (an average of about 500 students) with a college with more than 25,000 students. Researchers approached the pairs of students interacting in public, and asked them questions about their attitudes, beliefs, and health behaviors.

In almost every attitude and behavior were measured, the friends of the campus that is more similar to each other than my friends a small campus. This may be because the people from their large campus feel more choice, and that they can more easily switch friends than students from a small campus.

Although friends of the campus is more similar to each other, small-campus students rated their friendship closer than couples large campus. The same campus on how long people have been friends and on how much time they spent together.

"People prefer to make friends with other people similar to them, but one can only choose among the available. Alternative-people are much more likely to meet their specific needs groceries at the supermarket than the store," wrote the researchers. "The irony of this situation is that as a setting to get more and more diverse, friendships become more homogeneous."

Dr. Christian Jessen: a new health drink - coffee

I have lost count of the coffee once made headlines health. I challenge you to scan every health magazine and did not find much advice to give up tea and coffee as an important part of the "detox" and improve health. This advice, of course, nonsense at all.

Coffee is a commodity that I think is misrepresented. This is one of the most researched products in the world and the weight of science demonstrates moderate coffee consumption (four to five cups per day) is safe and can even provide health benefits.

In the UK we drink 70 million cups of coffee per day, which would make the side effects of coffee are really serious problem. But despite claiming crank coffee is dehydrating and toxic, have proven no more a diuretic than water, and is the main food source of antioxidants, has significantly more antioxidant activity than either total cocoa, green tea, black tea or herbal tea.

State news that just two cups of coffee a day can significantly reduce the risk of stroke. Statistics from a survey of eight projects nearly half a million people combined, so research is very significant. Found that those who drank two cups of coffee a day were 14 percent less likely to experience brain clots, while three to four cups a day can reduce the danger by 17 percent.

Other studies show that coffee may be protective against the development of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease, although further research is needed on the biological mechanisms underlying the potentially protective effect before it can be stated categorically that coffee protects against this debilitating disease.
In addition, thousands of research projects have been conducted to investigate whether there
is the relationship between coffee consumption and the development of common cancers.

Conclusions suggest coffee consumption can reduce the risk of developing liver carcinoma and prostate cancer, and when confounding factors like smoking are controlled, scientific evidence indicates moderate coffee consumption does not increase cancer risk in one of the sites studied, including breast, kidney, bladder, pancreas, ovarian, colon and rectum. World Cancer Research Fund stated that the evidence shows that most coffee consumption has no significant association with cancer risk at any site.

Pregnant women may have to reduce their intake, but the Food Standards Agency, the Royal College of Midwives and the Centre for Pregnancy Nutrition all agree does not need to cut off coffee completely safe during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

I do not think it's important to drink coffee if it's good for them but I think it is important that we know it's not bad for health.

DO affair QUIET damage the relationship?

We all do. The £ 20 we've knocked off the price when our partners have asked us how much it will cost something. Our Lunch with former and 'forgot' again. Or we pour yourself a large drink every night after work, eliminating the semi-conscious to tell the rest of our health. They all act normal and generally harmless, part of the business that is not perfect everyday people and in a relationship.

But there are also times when a little white lie can be less benign. "We are all individuals, and there are many things that your spouse will not benefit from knowing about," says couples therapist Andrew G Marshall, author of How Can I Ever Trust You Again?. "But at times the information that we are cutting
crossed the line of acceptance and began to threaten the relationship. "

This habit, not dangerous in themselves, may increase from time to time. It's not cheating in the traditional sense of the word, but constantly lying to your partner can cause problems. 'Quiet can be corrosive affair - it depends on how long for them to explode, "says Karen Pine, professor of developmental psychology at the University of Hertfordshire and co-author of Sheconomics." At first glance, this behavior does not appear to be as extreme as sexual infidelity , but the fall-out from it can be equally damaging. "

Here are some of the 'affair quiet' most common that can crawl on any relationship, and they can all pose a serious threat.

Covert smoking or drinking

It's not unusual to smoke or drink without your partner present or knowing about it, but if it becomes persistent and secretive habits, it's time to take stock. "When you decide to avoid a shopping trip with your partner so you can have a crafty cigarette at home, or you stay up later to drink again, you signal the core values ​​that differ from your partner," says psychotherapist Paula Hall of Relate. "You showed that you value time spent with yourself or your friends more than that in the relationship." There is a danger, too, that people who are involved in the secret habits begin to identify their partner as a control mechanism. If they acknowledge their behavior, then they lose their incentive to quit.

"Both partners need to be open with each other to break this cycle," said Hall. "And, assuming that it is not a dependency, one partner must allow others some autonomy - even if they disagree with their behavior. If the relationship can develop a dynamic parent / child, with potentially corrosive materials such as confidentiality of anything."

See ex-

Spending time with new friends or maintaining a platonic relationship with the former is not unusual, but keep your spouse in the dark about these meetings is a sign that all was not right. If you lie to cover your tracks, you show a lack of respect for your partner, and there is also the possibility that innocent liaison could rise to something more. 'The affair was built in secret, and secret rendezvous with someone of the opposite sex can cause one or both parties to develop feelings for each other, "Marshall said.

"If you avoid the truth, then you avoid having an important conversation you have with your partner. You might start trying to maintain the status quo of your relationship, but, finally, if you continue to mislead them, you either entertain the idea of ​​starting a new relationship or your partner control so that you can not share information with them.

"Acid test of any friendship is that they should be held up to public scrutiny. If you're going out with your ex, your partner should have the opportunity to say, and" Oh, can I come too? "For it is not a problem. You must upfront with your partner and wish to compromise on the relationship "a secret". If you ask for something reasonable - maybe lunch every six months instead of weekly meetings - and talk openly about how they would feel about it, then it is much more likely to mate You will be more accepting '.

Secret shopping

"Many people use money to regulate their emotions, and to anaesthetise themselves against negative feelings," said Pine. "But it can destroy a relationship when a life-changing event like a new baby or a job loss or financial disclose gambling debts" adultery "."

It is important that your financial transparency, says Pine, especially if both your futures are bound in a joint account. "Be open and try to uncover a different mindset you money," he said. "If you will face your partner, you should be as neutral and non-judgmental as possible. They may feel quite embarrassed about their situation, so try to be supportive rather than critical."

But how gamblers, struggling under a mountain of debt, is open to couples? "First, you can get advice from a government-funded helpline credit support or financial therapist, 'showing Pine." The important thing is to start the process of disclosure. Problems are much easier to express if you already have a solution in place. "

When one of you move forward without the other

When one couple began to develop emotionally away from a relationship - perhaps through a promotion at work or by entering into therapy - this can bring about change, breach of contract relationships. "The couple lived with a shared understanding of what is possible and what is not," said Avi Shmueli psychotherapist from the Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships. "But then one partner may find themselves outside of their growing relationship."

The partners who have 'abandoned' can experience disappointment - even if, initially, they are encouraging. "They may feel great pressure to maintain or, as an increase in tension, they will begin to feel the limitations of the relationship," said Shmueli. 'Good relations could then break down or arrive at a dead end. "

In this case, the couple should strive for what Shmueli term 'attitude of discovery'. 'The "less successful" couples need to think about why their loved ones have found such pleasure in their new situation, "he said." It's important not to judge, and be afraid to explore why you feel that may not be so difficult. "

Abbotsford International Airport expansion is completed

The Abbotsford International Airport in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada has completed work on a $ 30 million expansion project.

Work involves the repair facility the departure lounge, security zones, and check-in counters exclusively for guests. It has also been equipped with new tourist information center and a new toilet and new flooring in addition to heading makeover is complete.

A new ground cover 9600 feet have been made at the following facilities expansion. The main runway runway similarity. West of the airport apron has undergone expansion. In addition, a number of rehabilitation works of electricity, lighting, and surface have been carried out as part of the project.

Improvements have been made at the airport is expected to increase passenger handling capacity by two times the amount present.

This project has received a donation of $ 10 million from the Canadian government and $ 10 million from the government of British Columbia while the remaining amount has been funded by the Abbotsford Airport Authority.

video clip : sleepy

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video clip : I like it loud

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Shelborne South Beach hotel pool to undergo facelift

Enter Establishment Miami implement change from an infinity pool that Shelborne Hotel South Beach in Miami, Florida, as part of the project a multi-million dollar renovation of the hotel.

Swimming upgrade has been designed by ADD Inc. of Miami architect Jonathan Cardello. It will be decorated with new materials, textures, and lighting fixtures that offer a contemporary twist on the Miami Art Deco and modern history. The path that shows the exterior walls and white ceiling wrapped in a real vine, a bench consisting of pillows in shades of yellow and orange and glass railings leading to a new pool.

The pool area will consist of a diving board, originally built in 1940. Another unique feature of the new pool covers concrete floating spiral staircase consisting of luminous bubble roof. Design of the roof will mimic the original structure that was created by Morris Lapidus. These stairs will bring guests to the new bridge is equipped with a catwalk railing made ​​of glass. Pool area will also incorporate a VIP upper sun deck and cabanas featuring private bathroom facilities.

Swimming pool sports complex pavers in contrasting striped black and white. The pavers are covered by tall palm trees to accentuate beauty. Construction work on the pool area is scheduled for completion in late 2011.

U.S. bill turnaround for the index after four consecutive months of decline

Strong level of questions for new projects, reports AIA

U.S. Architecture bill index has shown signs of a positive first in four months.

American Institute of Architects (AIA) American Institute of Architects (AIA) finally issued the news that the August ABI score was 51.4, following the score a very weak 45.1 in July. Any score above 50 indicates an increase in bills.the August ABI score was 51.4, following the score a very weak 45.1 in July. Any score above 50 indicates an increase in bills.

This score reflects an increase in demand for design services, said AIA Chief Economist Kermit Baker.

Index new investigation project 56.9, up sharply from the previous reading of 53.7 months.

"Based on the poor economic conditions during the last few months, this change in demand for design services is a surprise," said Baker.

"Many companies are still struggling, and continue to report that clients are having trouble getting financing for projects that are feasible, but perhaps we have reached the bottom of the down cycle."

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video clip : dirty desire

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my words now the worst...

held my tears for weeks
not that I didn't want to
but I just... can't
not even in the night
nor alone in my bed...

seeing you today
it's like broken dike
my tears just swift,
not all of my problems
nor all of the hurts,
not of the missing
nor upon me your not existing,

but it's the rumple on your face,
the deepest sunken ever on your cheeks,
the lighter light surrounding your face,
the darkest dark around your face,
it's like you're not alive,
or just get back from hell,
thinner fingers,
tousled hair
you're in ruins...

can't even looked straight through your eyes,
might found something that reminds,
lovely memories,
or those hurts.

I didn't want to remember you,
nor thinking about you,
but there're always some events,
or even someone's habits,
that keep reminds me of you,
it's like the never ending signs of you

I did pray for God always makes me remembering,
we are forbidden in this pretending,
but the signs keep appearing,
why can't they just missing

the touch of those lips
and the twist of the tongue
freeze in that second
something eternal there
not it became stronger
nor weaker
and still the same
the least that I felt
you I don't know
not one of the shaman

for all my life
I've been being appropriate
so they can feel compatible
also comfortable
that's what they said
but not the same I felt
only with you
I can be myself
of who I am
the way I am

you are the air that I breath
the blood that I bleed
the brainwave when I think
seeing you is my serenity
staring your face is my fervently
your smile is my peace
your wrinkle is my wisdom
your gaze is my soul

you live in me
you light my belief
you make me seen
you tranquil my sleep

I just... never completed without you

If you can't choose,
and I don't have the guts to walk away,
let your side become fair,
after all my life never been fair,
let the fate choose for us,
again we are forbidden
for seeing one another,
the farthest the distant
mate won't apart,
and my words now the worst

- 270909, humble room : with swollen eyes and little numb, I guess... -

bandung yeuh...

nyamannya bandungku wat jalan2 malem...

love the town since I was a kid, never knew I would
stuck, addicted, intoxicated,
by the town or special someone,
the consciousness arose tonight after years,
how lovely and grateful
so colorful and meaningful
this town made the pieces of me

the dark of her sky,
like darkness in your eyes,
scary yet comfy,
like a child and chocolate
at the gaze of your eyes,
I'll always melt

then I should wake up
from my sleepiness
of my long vacation
to be more eager better person
or is this... just plain me

video clip : cinta itu buta

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your voice...

your voice is like the times,
when the electricity went out...

I don't wanna get up
nor doin somethin significant,
just stay in the dark
with the company of candle lights,
a cup of joe would be nice
with bunch of cigars...

your voice is like
the endless conversation
about past present future,
of a lifetime..
even mom's there talking for hours,
I wouldn't mind,
I will listen,

I don't want the lights go back on,
my life would be like.. have to move on,
with works and edgy brainwaves,
so let me stay in the dark,
with your voice as my guide,
hear it on my ear,
images in my closed eyes,
your face... maybe your smile,
enormous atomic energy
through my veins,
tranquility in my brain

let the electricity went out
like it stay in the dark
with your voice as...
my comfy serenity

- humble room : 2510'09 with 'middle of nowhere' thing -

The Fountain ( 2006 ) idea

the idea of 'Death is the road to awe' is just a little piece of this movie... is not that this couple live forever, but it's their soul actually live forever.

each phase of 3, reflects different ways of attitude but has one meaning : togetherness above all... love described different in these 3 phases... the 1st phase, love.. is to sacrifice... the man sacrifices himself in the name of love to give the tree of life an absolute life...

the 2nd phase is when love is possession... you shouldn't be greedy and possess love, coz a heart is free... you might found yourself in doom and drowned in love to death.

the 3rd phase is when you let her go... the one you love, without taking, you just need to give... just to love...

there's a moment when the lights went out at the 1st and 3rd phase, means... in darkness you can closed your eyes, ears, nose, seeing the true universe, search deep inside your soul, into your memories of centuries those had been hidden to find the true answer... the proper way ( there's never been the right way in life ) to live the life... meanwhile the man at the 2nd phase ( the phase whenever the promises and bond took place ) didn't get the dark moment... he only walk into the light... yet he's greedy and he's doomed... so the ring belongs to the man at the 1st phase... coz he'd found the proper way to finish his duty

why the man at the 3rd phase lost the ring, it's a symbol... soul and heart can never be locked, bonded by the strongest ring or even marriage and promises... soul and heart are free... thus the man in the 3rd phase still loyal to his wife even he lost the ring... like my true love when he lost the ring I gave, still... he gazed me with his eyes full of love and all his heart... how can not I always melt by that gaze of love... sure... I'll be damned...

fake memento

all these past 3 years
all those memories
loving and caring
I thought it was real..

but seeing what he had sacrificed for you, my dear friend...
I just knew, my man wasn't really in love with me
shame on me
fool in me
silly me

a fake memento...

- humble room : friday ( the day we were born ) 0611'09 with numb and blank -

lonely NYE with messy

no hope...

I fell again with fallacies...

the more being sane, the more insanity come...

don't bring the sad to the surface, just make up your ugly face...

just body, no soul with growl...

alone, sick, hurt, crumpled...

heavy headache, lower back...

swollen eyes, swollen finger, black sweater...

need a place to hide, disappear, something rare...

dying to leave all, the whole...

care the world, but not vice versa without pizza...

where's my death, decapitated my useless head

start all over again, the hurts, the river of tears...

the absent, the big fat hole, indifferent above all...

heavy headache, fake memento, with no memo...

gloomy, empty roomy...

running nose, got no cause to drink stupid booze...

lot of smoke, ugly, fat, and broke...

no traffic jam, just stomach cramp...

- humble room : for those lonely NYE with messy-

people with lonely come...

knocking my door..
or even knocking my heart...
then they went away...
along with their soulmates...
and I'm still here...
still the same...

21 november 2008

from - vina's junkthought : kisah seorang pelacur kehidupan -

white skin at morning scene

is finally in a good mood
coz it's morning hood,
where she used 2 kiss white skin
above blue vein,
as white as lie,
as blue as morning sky,
where she used to hate the flow of teardrop,
the let go of cursing rope,
with creamy coffee
and slim tobacco blackie,
she'll be fine
just like wine...

be certain, my lovely one...

you don't need to ask,
who own this heart,
you knew the answer,
and you'll have it forever,
just make up your mind,
and be there..till the end....

rain of silence

big house,

marble floors,

wide yard,


massive fences,

pictures of ages,

glorious past,

salt and pepper,

nobility phases that fade away,


rain of silence...

this humble one may dream of cheer up the moment,

and be there before the last breath has taken away.

I died all the time

being a fish
is not about being deceived
to get the bait
to take the lure
to feel the air sucked up from your chest
and to die happily
coz finally you know the truth
who the real fisher is
then you can finally kill him
when you unleashed the beast within
turn into a nine lifes cat
and walk away with broken heart

will you be now... without me ?

I answered u 2 accompany me through rough nights like this...
I'm doing my work, u watched tv
playing games, and watched dvd,
I'm here, u there...
sharing thoughts,
plotting crakiness,
above laughs and cries,
would be enough for me.
Why you have loved,
with stupidity I echoed,
Why u wanted us 2 be together,
bad time for me to be clever,
Why u wanted 2 make it happen,
follow ur games for being insane,
we've both smart and u knew it from the start,
still we're not smart enough,
to keep somethin we beautifully have,
I'm stupid one for letting u gone
what's the point in the end we're still being alone,
they said this only happen becoz we're lonely,
I swear I loved you for whatever you'll be,
I love what's in ur eyes and brain,
with ur warmth and kindness I could through any vain,
these words means nothing without you,
this love ain't good unless just me and you,
you said you were lonely,
will you be now... without me ?

- aprl 20th, 2010 2:53am : humble room with headache and wondering -


my sweet prince.. my big grins,
seeing your green eyes,
cute face like mice,
calm my restless of seeing those filthy girls,
who lick their own garbage,
that they had it damaged,
years ago with holy vow,
how this corrupt world amazed me,
and was so pure your intention can be...

for the sake of humanity : a true story

there was a stupid woman who's naive enough acted for her lover
the man was dying and he said : 'don't let me die'
so the woman took care of him not becoz she loved him, she wasn't loving him that much. she thought :'for the sake of humanity' that she has very pure heart.
three years later the man healed, living normal life, even get fat
alas, he cheated on her, the woman was working so hard, meanwhile the man,was playing with another woman behind her back.
the woman got hurted, so they broke up.
three months later, the man asked her to come back in one condition : if the woman accept him, then he would dumped the girl he cheated with.
my my.. the woman was very mad. her sacrifices and all she did for his good, is just like some ashes for him.
so she said :'I will never marry you even u're the last man walking on earth'

five years later, the woman met a man, who said 'I love you' to her everyday. she just smile coz she really knew her feelings. the man said : 'don't let me die'
she just smile and walked away. she doesn't care if the man dies, she had no responsibility for the man, even if she loved him, that's something that a man shouldn't say to get sympathy.

so this time the woman said 'for the sake of humanity' I've failed myself 5 years ago, by helping the wrong people. this time I help the one I know right, myself.

u can never know how people will change and don't depend yourself on someone else coz u might failed him or her, and she would think that the world have failed her or him, it doesn't give the reason why, but when this kind of things happen to one's life over and over, the one will turn into someone selfish. and if this happened to all people around the world, u can imagine how this world would be.

'the world may have failed u, it doesn't give the reason why...'


It begun where the life ship already wrecked. Such imaginative questions came from the mouth of a strong character adult.

'My dear daughter, what if.. your real mother was a singer, would you forget about me ? would you leave me and not beside me anymore ? ',
'Will you back to your ancestor's religion if what they had is not the same with what you had now ?'

such ridiculous questions...

'You've been there for me, being my mother all the time. Love and caring me, sacrifice all for me, be in this wrecked life that left by your husband (at that time I couldn't call that man, my father). we can hold the three of us till today, you, lil sist and I. I'm not human if I leave you after all those.'

Call me naive, but these things don't happen in real life right ?! unsettled divorced or missing father are enough to be a story of life. And that's momy always prepared me all these years. Yes, life is not as beautiful as it seems. And that's my armor of life. She could killed me many times a day just to get me understood about her points. And yet these exercises making me a monster of mastermind.

'About the faith, believe me, I studied all, the other just can't accept by my brain. If you poisoning me with your faith all this time, then you are really succeeded. I can't turn to other just becoz my ancestors told me to do. I am what I am now, and no money nor wealthy can buy that'

Never crossed in my mind that those answers would actually happened and be strengthened with all of my actions after I found out the truth, step by step till 10 years after. Yet, I can't forgive myself for what happen to her and lil sist, becoz of my father, becoz of my existence. And these thoughts that haunted for years, actually happened. Yes, no more hero, no more mastermind.

I have no idea that the reality kept getting worse and worse. It changed me alot till I don't know who I am anymore. Introvert as I used to, crying over words and sentences on papers without any tears. Multi problems and multi tasks to solved. Yet I solved them all, was a father for my little family. When it was just we all three. No big family, and it's all just about money, when everything felt simple to solved.

I don't have my own feeling,
I borrow people's feeling to feel...

I have no emotion, just fight and fight everyday. Till she called me human without feelings. No use, huh. Crying, regretting and falling apart. So tell me about myself how I must feel about my life, then I would cry over it, not becoz I feel it, becoz I feel other's sympathy on me.

I’ve killed my sense each time you talked about great peoples around us, mom…
for I’ve killed my hopes and dreams which are gettin for to reach…
cause there’s a time when I choose myself to be a guardian angel in a human form..
for I couldn’t develop an ego of my own…
for I couldn’t left my mom alone…
the wrinkles may appear… the back may gettin lower…
but I’ll always keep my heart young, strong and wise for you mom…
let her freely high flying, your daughter the only one, for times she’s been suffering …
then let me be the woman without age for I’ll always be there for you mom…
till death do us apart…

and these... actually happened, two years later...

looking back the worn out path

If you are full of grief, resist !
If you are full of regret, walk on !
You ! who merely throw yourself into sorrows, are just filthy pigs !
Throwing away his future,
Losing sight of his dreams,
all while stained in despair...

Shake off his future,
opposing reality,
never loses his determination.

- Kuroshitsuji II, english translation by SubDesu -

if you can't be a poet of your life anymore, try to find any in every sign,
yet I was never opposed my reality,
that's why it was so fluid, simple, kind and fearless...(Byron Katie)

when the past forced to erase, you'll be like loosing your true selves,
but when your belief is failed, then you are close to the dead.

then who am I, now ?

Hold on to the feeling : a letter to a mother and sister

You never asked to be born from her womb, never asked to be feed, never asked her to sacrifice herself for you.
yeah, you never asked.

but now, it's time for you to help her. You can't bear the feeling that she's a burden of yours, but you keep helping her. why ?! coz there's no one else to help her.

Hold on to the feeling, it's the same feeling as she had when she had you. If it wasn't her, then who else ?! above all, it's her only duty, her only nature to give up everything just to make you alive, freely breathing and having all a daughter should have. And for that, she can never asked something in return, nor you can't ever paid her.

Now hold on to that feeling, the feeling if it wasn't you, then who else ?! and grow the feeling that you should take care of her for the rest of her life, coz every minutes of her sacrifices could never be paid by your wealthy nor kindness. At least make her happy even in a second, for age we will never know when it ends.

Hold on to the feeling, then it won't be a burden anymore. As simple as it can be. So never ask for something in return, even a thank, coz the price already paid long time since you were in her womb.

ABSTRACT (thesis magister hukum bisnis)

(untuk jasa penulisan abstract thesis in english, sms : 0818790338)
Banking which based on economic democracy, along with its primary function as the collector and the distributor for the society fund has a strategic role to support the implementation of national development in order to enhance the national development equality. One of the actions taken by the government in its efforts to achieve prosperity for the whole society is to enact the Law No.7 of 1992 on banking As Amended by Act No. 10 of 1998 (further referred as the Banking Act). Banking Act does not regulate the specifications of Syariah Banking, it is behind the govenment action to enact the Law Number 21 Year 2008 about Syariah Banking. The high price of the lands, building materials and home, causing a decline in purchasing power to buy the houses in cash. This encourages most people bought houses with the financing process through the housing loan (mortgage). Cooperation agreement between the Syariah Bank with the developer to provide housing for clients is held because the developer does not have the capability to afford the houses ready for habitation (ready stock), while enthusiasts for the houses built by the developer is very large, thus the purchase of the house finally done by the ordering system (indent). Based on the background of the foregoing, the author interested in writing a thesis entitled,”Cooperation Agreement between the Syariah Bank and the developer in Financing the Housing Ownership”.
The issues raised by the authors in this study is how the result of the cooperation agreement between the developer and the Syariah bank in financing house ownership for the benefit of the customers when the developer does not fulfill the responsibility towards the rights of the customers and how the implementation of the buy-back agreement if it is associated with the Syariah principles.
The research was conducted in a descriptive analytical, in example give the idea as carefully as possible about the facts which exist, either in the form of secondary data such as primary legal materials, the Book of Civil law, Banking Law, and Law Number 21 Year 2008 about Syariah banking, Supreme Court Regulation No.2 of 2008 on Economic Syariah Law Compilation, Fatwa DSN-MUI related to the banking law, the secondary data and materials in the form of expert opinions, research results, the work of the law and legal materials in the form of the data obtained tertiary from magazines and internet-related research.
The study is expected to give a clear and comprehensive overview on matters relating to the cooperation agreement between the developer and the Syariah bank in financing the house ownership.
Based on the research, it can be concluded that the developer in this case does not fulfill its responsibility to the customers of Syariah banks by default. Actions undertaken by the developer defaults resulting in losses on the customer, such as the customer does not get his rights under the agreement and the customer is categorized in the collectibility of 5 (bad debts). Cooperation agreement between the Syariah bank with a developer to conclude the buy-back clause in article 7 paragraph (3). Buy-back clause setting is implicitly provided in article 29 paragraph (3) of the Banking law. Law banking and Syariah Banking Act and other legislation in the field of Syariah banking does not specifically cover the buyback agreement.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


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