Saturday, August 29, 2009

hasto nugroho

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my serene lonely sunday… suddenly felt weird.. with a slight knock on my door.. a cute one like lovable kungfu panda… with eyes of desperation… a cousin of mine…

a hug like absent years.. kinda weird still me drown in his arms

‘kangen’… he kept saying that word… of what my dear cousin?!… an old friend of mine… my long long time ago playground mate.. where away yet a man nor yet a woman.. where U had 2 down on ur knees.. just 2 b a good tutor of my pees.. haha..

but u’re a man now with ur way 2 PhD… the word isn’t 2 propose me 2 play anymore.. but word of desperation… word of loneliness… word of nowhere in time… with warming act.. somehow I learned.. U fulfil ur needs of being nestled.. a basic man needs.. but never thought U’ll be on ur way 2 that serenity.. french kiss.. without feeling nor passion… simply fulfillment of curiosity..

I’m a writer not a sinner… a tiny experience wouldn’t do any harm.. kinda western yet european… U said.. ’sorry’… as I said so in my unwritten diary… some words are better left unspoken… much better written..

I’m alone not because I’m a lousy kisser.. I’m one of the bests u learned after.. it’s just.. I don’t think relationship is a one thing suit me… oh my dear cousin… so what’s this all about… there I am wondering what happened 2 u… U had ur desperation or it’s me who’s not being sane… then again… I ended up calling him.. my soulmate… my perfect lover… my punctual matey… on my serene lovely sunday….

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