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how to make Google Adsense on your blog for Rookie

"How To Make Google Adsense On Your Blog", well that's the title. Actually not really look like what is written. I'd like to tell you about a simple way, I believe these would be a simple way, coz it's written by a rookie like me, who happened to be succeeded at adding the Google Adsense to my accidentally new blog or maybe it's just I was lucky. I'm an indonesian, so I'm really sorry if I don't use the appropriate english. Why I used English, also it's because the condition or the regulation made by Google Adsense itself. Yup, that's one of the rules : USE ENGLISH !!!. I don't want to add another sentence about how the Google Adsense can make good money for you, coz there's alot of articles out there who said so, and I have proof it for the last two days, I made $1.45, not much, but isn't that exciting that you had numbers going to your account ?! ok, enough with the talking let's head to the making money bussiness via internet.

First, you have to make an e-mail account at

if you don't have one, if you already have then you can use your gmail account.

Second, log on to
with your gmail account. Start to create a blog, add about minimum 4 articles, all in English, this to speed up the process of your blog for being approved by the Google Adsense company, also an easy way to get the great traffic coming to your blog. Add some video bar from the youtube by customizing the layout of your blog
click the 'layout' from your dashboard blog
click 'add a gadget'
click the 'video bar' then you can add the video bar right from or if you have a specific favorite video, you can type the name at the 'channels' form
don't forget to 'save' your settings.
click another 'add a gadget'
click the 'webmaster search engine' definitely from Google, don't forget to 'save' your settings.
these last two are for your blog to be rightly eligible approved by the Google Adsense.

now it's time to register your blog to the Google Adsense :
log on to the Google Adsense link
click the 'Google Adsense' for web publishers
log in with your gmail account and passwords, and start to register your blog.
you'll be receiving the e-mail confirmation from Google AdSense about your registered blog to the Google AdSense. If you succeeded, you'll be receiving e-mail like the one I had,

dateWed, Jan 14, 2009 at 11:12 AM
subjectGoogle AdSense Access Verification for

hide details Jan 14 (3 days ago) Reply


Thank you for your interest in using AdSense on
We look forward to reviewing your application so you can start displaying relevant
Google ads through and on
your own webpages. In order to complete the sign-up process, please fill out the
form linked below to submit your application for review:

NOTE: This link will expire soon! Please confirm your email address and fill
out the application as soon as you can. If clicking the link doesn't work,
please try manually copying and pasting it into your web browser.

You'll then be directed to complete the AdSense application by filling out your
contact information. This will submit your application to us for review, and
we'll follow up with you by email within 2-3 days. Once your application is
approved, we'll begin serving Google ads to your pages within minutes. If you
have any issues completing the application, please visit our Help Center at

If you have any questions about the AdSense features on the site on which you
registered, please contact that site directly.

The Google AdSense Team

This message was sent from a notification-only email address that does not
accept incoming email. Please do not reply to this message.

you'll be receiving the welcome e-mail from Google AdSense if your blog is approved. You'll be receiving e-mail like the one I had. Look at the time and see how fast my blog approved, this beacuse of the last two suggestions I've told you before.

ccGoogle AdSense

dateWed, Jan 14, 2009 at 1:23 PM
subjectWelcome to Google AdSense

hide details Jan 14 (3 days ago) Reply

This message was sent from a notification-only email address that does
not accept incoming email. Please do not reply to this message.

Congratulations! Your Google AdSense application has been approved.
You'll soon begin to see relevant Google ads appear on and can also use AdSense to earn
revenue on your other sites. Keep in mind, however, that if Google has
not yet crawled your site, you may not notice relevant ads for up to 48

To track the performance of your new Google ads, you may sign in to
your AdSense account at any time by visiting . If you're having problems
logging in or have forgotten your password, simply visit
for assistance.

Once you've signed in, head to your Reports tab for earnings
information. For a quick overview of your earnings reports and the 5
steps to getting paid, view our Payments Guide: .


1. How do I add Google ads to my other blogs/websites? Do I need to

No, there's no need to re-apply. You are welcome to add AdSense to any
of your websites that comply with our program policies ( ). To do so, all you
need to do is paste ad code into your site. For instructions on
generating and placing ad code, please visit .
If you're using Blogger and would like a detailed video walkthrough on
how to implement ads on your blog, please view our Activation Demo,
located at . If
you would like to use AdSense features on another partner website,
please log into that website as an existing AdSense publisher.

2. Can I test my ads? Why do I see clicks with no earnings in my

As you may know, clicking on your own ads for any reason is against the
AdSense program policies. Instead, try the AdSense preview tool which
allows you to check the destination of ads on your page without the
risk of invalid clicks. For additional information, or to download the
AdSense preview tool, please visit .

To help ensure that your account remains in good standing, we'd also
encourage you to review the important AdSense guidelines found here: .

3. I'm not located in the U.S., but I'm using a U.S. web hosting
service (e.g. Blogger). Is that considered U.S. Activities?

In general, using a third-party U.S. web hosting service to host your
web pages is NOT considered U.S. Activities. The tax information
collection interface available from your account's 'Tax information'
page will help to direct you to the appropriate tax forms for your
situation. For example, if you are a foreign publisher with no U.S.
Activities, you'll need to agree to a statement to that effect within
your account. No tax forms are required in this instance.

Have more questions? Find answers in the following resources:
- The AdSense Help Center, containing demos, guides, and answers to
common questions: .
- The AdSense Help Forum, an online community of publishers: .
- The AdSense Blog, with all the latest news and tips about AdSense: .
If you can't find the information you're looking for, you're welcome to
contact us at .

Welcome to Google AdSense!

The Google AdSense Team

now it's time to add the Google Adsense formula to your blog and start to make money.
log into your google adsense account with your gmail ID and Password
click the 'Adsense setup'
click the 'Adsense For Content'. If you not ready for something 'deep' then just click the 'continue' button till you reach the page 'Your Adsense Unit Code'
copy all the code by blocking them and right click copy, NO CHANGES or your page wouldn't come out.

go back to your 'Layout' blog settings
'add a gadget'
click 'HTML/Javascript' then paste the whole code at the 'content' form. Don't forget to fill the 'Title' form, like me, I add the 'My Ads', where you can see at the top left corner of my blog page. Don't forget to hit the 'save' button, save the 'Layout' then hit the 'view blog', when the pop out page pops, VOILA! you have your blog with your own Google Adsense account.

As simple as that, and I condemned them who take charges at a price of a million rupiahs just for doing like what I had been told you about. Something for me?! a simple click on my ads at the top, left top corner, or at the left of this writing would be so meaningful for me, thank you, and don't forget to fill your comment at the 'let me know about you' form, I have a surprise for you, wait for my next writings. Read also my next writing about the Simple Way To Add Google AdSense To Your Blog

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