Thursday, September 22, 2011

your voice...

your voice is like the times,
when the electricity went out...

I don't wanna get up
nor doin somethin significant,
just stay in the dark
with the company of candle lights,
a cup of joe would be nice
with bunch of cigars...

your voice is like
the endless conversation
about past present future,
of a lifetime..
even mom's there talking for hours,
I wouldn't mind,
I will listen,

I don't want the lights go back on,
my life would be like.. have to move on,
with works and edgy brainwaves,
so let me stay in the dark,
with your voice as my guide,
hear it on my ear,
images in my closed eyes,
your face... maybe your smile,
enormous atomic energy
through my veins,
tranquility in my brain

let the electricity went out
like it stay in the dark
with your voice as...
my comfy serenity

- humble room : 2510'09 with 'middle of nowhere' thing -

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