Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jessica's Cupcake Cafe [FINAL]

Jessie's uncle's small Brooklyn bakery is about to be forced out of business by a large chain of bakeries. However, being fresh out of college and armed with a passion for baking cupcakes, Jessie offers her uncle a helping hand. Her plan The Cupcake Caf ! Help Jessie in this tasty time management adventure as she builds her business and grows her small caf into a delicious empire.

- Design tasty cupcakes with unique patterns and toppings.
- Play over 42 different levels in 9 exciting locations.
- Manage orders by efficiently creating cupcakes for customers.
- Upgrade the Cupcake Caf with cool power-ups and amazing machines to keep your customers happy and business booming.
- Built in cookbook with cupcake recipes to make at home!

* Windows XP, Vista
* 800 Mhz
* 512 MB RAM
* DirectX 9

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