Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Picture the scene. You move into a new house and have no idea how to furnish it! Sure, there are some items you know you need but, other than that, it's a blank canvas. Who do you call? How about the Home Sweet Home team? Learn about your client's tastes. Home Sweet Home...

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Home Sweet Home 2: Kitchens and Baths

You move into your new home and every room is perfect. Every room, except one. Here is the blank canvas for your vision but you lack the know-how. Who do you call? The home Sweet home team!

Home Sweet Home 2: Kitchens and Baths will give you the chance to unleash your hidden talents as an Interior Designer. You choose the furniture, patterns, and colors to create a masterpiece that will blow your client away.

With simple controls, a fun graphical style, and an easy to use interface, Home Sweet Home 2 allows you to nurture your creative side. Remember, a house is not a home until it is a Home Sweet Home!
Over 500 Customizable Items

50 re-playable Levels

Unlimited Designs

Over 300 Un-lockable Items and Achievements

12 unique floor plans

Adaptive AI

All New Build Phase!

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Aveyond 2 (FINAL)

60+ quests! 100+ places to explore!
Snow has fallen on a magical vale where it has never snowed before. A beautiful young elf is missing, and no one remembers her existence. That is, no one except for her best friend, Ean.

To solve the mystery of his lost friend, Ean leaves the vale and travels to the dangerous Land of Man. Ean’s adventure takes him through dark forests, arid deserts, and finally to a great mountain of ice where the answers to all of his questions await. And that is just the beginning…

Solve dozens of adventure puzzles and explore an enchanting world. Aveyond 2 is packed with monsters, magic, and humor. Stop an evil queen from turning the world into ice, capture a dragon and ride the winds to ancient lands, unite the kingdoms and discover your destiny.

Mouse support
Shapeshift Ean & dress Iya
Join a guild
Buy Grimm’s Farm and raise pets
Karma system
Attraction system
Secret goodie caves (can you find them?)

Technical Information:
Game Size: 35MB
Platform: Windows 98/Me/XP/Vista
Processor: 300 MHz or higher
Memory: 256 MB RAM or higher
Video: DirectX 8.0 or higher

Game Designer: Amanda Fitch
Game Engine: RPG Maker XP
Music: Walz Music
Sound: A1 Sound Effects
Graphics: Jan Halfar (lead), Sherman3D (lead), Adele Sessler (title), Katherine Fitch (logo), Laurie Thomas (logo), Eric Lavoie (sprites), Mack (sprites), Pickel (sprites), Alisa Christopher (sprites)
Additional Credits: Vicki Smith (editing), Sasha Harlow (Universal Message System Script), SephirothSpawn & Near Fantastica (Mouse script), Bryce Jonasson (Windows Programming), Kinnison (Arrow Animations), CompulsoryHero (FaceMaker)

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Wandering Willows [FINAL]

Ready for a new adventure? Welcome to Wandering Willows, a whimsical world full of wondrous wildlife and engaging quests. With over 40 enchanting pets for you to befriend and train, you're sure to find just the right help completing quests for the land's amusing inhabitants, who range from gruff pirates to rocket ship commanders. Garden, bake, and create clothing and bouquets with the treasures your pet fetches for you. You might even find a new pet egg to hatch! Spend some time in Wandering Willows today!

* Over 40 different adorable pets to collect and train
* Over 150 quests to complete and 200 food recipes to collect
* Customize your avatar with over 150 pieces of clothing that you make in game

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Amelie's Cafe (Final free games)

Turn Amelie's Cafe into the hippest hangout in town as you feed the famished masses! You'll have to stay on your toes as you take orders, tell your cooks what to make, deliver the food and keep the joint shining like a new penny. And you'll have to be smart when choosing which customers to serve next since some get crankier than others if you make them wait too long.

While all this is going on, you can play a match-three mini-game at the bottom of your screen to earn bonuses than can help you win. And between levels, you can slap on a new layer of decor or upgrade your cooks to make them work faster and cleaner. Hotter than a side of fries and sweeter than a strawberry shake, Amelie's Cafe will satisfy your craving for fast-paced fun!

Key Game Features
* Over 50 levels
* Three cafe interiors
* A match-three mini-game
* Three Endless Game modes
* A variety of cooks and customers

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Party Down (games)

Inspired by the Starz (r) TV series, take over a Party Down catering team as you help the Hollywood elite celebrate in style! Keep the music playing, the food coming, and the conversations going as you schmooze with the stars. Appease partygoers by dealing with all the issues that come along with high maintenance Hollywood stars such as rampaging dogs and the paparazzi. Keep your cool, show them what you got, because your big break is just around the corner!

Choose your character and work to build their fame and make them a star
Humorous comments and situations keep you chuckling till the end
Chatting with the stars will improve your team's performance so schmooze on

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Nanny Mania 2 (games)

Nanny Mania is back with a brand new adventure! The sequel to the number one hit puts you in the middle of a celebrity family in need of a super nanny! In Hollywood, being a stay-at-home mom is a lot of work. Can you bring our celebrity star back from the brink of destruction? Use your time management skills to take care of the house, the kids, and the egos, all while keeping the paparazzi at bay!

Help this celebrity family grow
Watch out for kid tantrums
New time outs, pets, and much more
All new store for upgrades that will aid your adventure

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Diaper Dash ( games )

It’s a girl! And a boy! In fact, it’s every adorable baby in DinerTown, all bundled up for you to lavish with love. Keep these DinerTown darlings cooing with the help of Wilson, a daycare volunteer who’s in over his head. He needs your help to keep DinerTown’s cuties well supplied with bottles, toys, naps, and love. You’ll cradle the apple of Toshiro’s eye, and feed the Hungry Man’s baby a bottle (or two!). Make a play date now with the game that’s literally crawling with fun and cuddle up to the cutest DASH™ game yet!
* 50 baby-filled levels of cuteness (when game is final)
* Tend to your babies’ every need with five priceless inventions beyond every mother’s dream
* Over 20 upgrades to buy
* All you favorite DinerTown friends—plus their adorable babies!

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Friday, March 6, 2009

farm Frenzy Pizza Party (games)

Pizza lovers unite! It’s time to return to the farm to create your favorite food! You’ll start out by growing grass, feeding animals and collecting produce, and then you’ll turn your goods into the ingredients you need to make different pizzas. From China to Germany and from Italy to New York City — where pizza is considered one of the main food groups — your mouth-watering creations will be enjoyed around the world!

As you strive to master the fast-paced point-and-click gameplay, you’ll fend off bears, purchase buildings that produce different ingredients and upgrade your vehicles so you can transport more goods. You’ll also enjoy some of the zaniest animations and best hidden gags ever conceived! Don’t miss all the fun in Farm Frenzy: Pizza Party!

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Emerald City Confidential (games)

Work with the world’s most cunning detective in the shadowy underbelly of the Emerald City of Oz! As Petra, you’ll be lured deep into mysteries involving new foes and familiar faces; Scarecrow, Lion, Dorothy and Toto included. This is Oz as you’ve never seen it before! Solve your detective’s quest and unravel a conspiracy of magic and intrigue! Follow a case through five chapters full of puzzles, witnesses, suspects, and allies.

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Costume Chaos (games)

Although she lives on the island paradise of Hawaii, Cleo decides that she wants to leave and see the rest of the world and so she starts working in her mom’s costume rental shop to save up the required cash.

As customers arrive in the shop, you’ll drag them to the mirror where they’ll be measured (by tracing a measuring tape pattern with the mouse). Then it’s off to the fitting room where you’ll help them pick out the best costume for them by paying close attention to their facial expression. Finally, you’ll check the customer out and collect your cash.

Customers will bring back their old costumes and toss them into the return bin. You can’t let the bin get too full or it will overflow, so by clicking on three or more of the same colored costume you can make them disappear by throwing them into the washing machine. As if the action wasn’t hectic enough, you’ll find yourself having to click on the return bin periodically to keep it under control.

As you play, you’ll unlock new costumes and accessories that you can use to customize the four mannequins in your shop window. Besides regular mode, there’s also a relaxed mode where it’s impossible to lose.

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Chocolatier 3: Decadence By Design (games)

Travel the globe in search of flavorful and exotic ingredients to customize your own chocolate creations as you travel, assist the Baumiesters, and amass a fortune in the post-World War II boom! Travel to ports around the globe to discover ingredients, build your empire, and aid Alex Baumeister Use post-World War II economic and technological advances to customize your very own chocolate creations! Latest installment of the stimulating Chocolatier franchise

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Time Saver Standards For Architectural design

Michael J. Crosbie / John Hancock Callender, «Time-Saver Standards for Architectural Design Data»
Mcgraw-Hill | 7th edition (November 1, 1997) | 1072 pages | PDF + interactive | 72 MB
The standard reference in architecture and building construction, this Seventh Edition has been completely rewritten and revised with new contributions by over eighty world authorities and specialists. Now in a convenient single volume, it reflects essential changes and new knowledge in the field of architecture since the last edition 15 years ago. Part I contains new reference articles on the fundamentals of architecture and design. Part II contains design data on all aspects of architectural design and building construction, including substructure, superstructure, building shell, interiors, and services, and is formatted according to the Uniformat II classification system. First published in 1946, McGraw-Hill's Time-Saver Standards is one of the world's most widely consulted and respected references on architectural design and building construction fundamentals and data.
This Pack:
* Containing the full content of the newly revised and updated Seventh Edition of the world's premier single-volume source of standard architectural data in the English language
* Offers the complete content of the new Seventh Edition in a fully searchable Adobe Acrobat format
* Includes interactive elements
* Provides numerous examples, including international bioclimatic data, cost estimating, and lighting
* Features such enhancements as color photos, icons, and Internet links
* Extensive indexing allows for instant access to any topic

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part 1
part 2

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